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Hello, precious soul currently reading this. I am Lucy and I'm from Portugal - a tiny little country at the southwestern end of Europe. Biologist and psychologist to be. Alien since April 22nd, 2010. I like to make random edits and gifs and to write porn and angst. Also, my inbox is always open for requests. Thanks for visiting and have fun :3

hey, what is that last thing you posted? is it supposed to be a snippet from lwlyb?

No, it’s rather old actually!
It’s from the JB Kerner show in 2007, when Bill picks up the little lion cub :)

Hey ;D I'm a fan of your blog, your gifsets and twincest fics. I'm wondering.. May I use one of your gifs for my tumblr theme? I'll give you a credit, ofc. Have a nice day and thank you for this amazing blog! ♥

Thank you so much for all that! ♥
And, sure, you can use it and thank you as well for taking the time to ask :3
Thank YOU for all this, again!


This message has one sole purpose: letting you know how incredible and amazing I think you are. I hope you have a great day and continue to spread the joy that you are. Peace.

You forgot to add, perhaps, the biggest purpose of them all: to make me smile so widely and to reassure me it’s really worth it to put effort into this blog, for the sake of getting feedback like this message <3


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