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Happy Easter, everyone! :3

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words cannot explain how amazing you are! :))

Words cannot explain how happy this message made me, so I’ll use a gif:


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Have a great weekend! We hope you all have a great time with your loved ones this weekend… Georg

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first selfie with mr. rafael jamal

and I honestly don’t know which one of them is the biggest diva xD
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So, I was sure I’d seen something similar to these sunglasses before… and then I realized where.

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Sorry for the rant, but:

So, the IG accounts have less than five days of life, some of them haven’t even been used yet. And I already can see them eventually being closed. Why? Because of people who can’t keep their shit to themselves.

And the rant could go on, but it’s not even worth it. I just sincerely hope that these people who call themselves fans but can’t do anything other than insult, complain, and hate find another hobby and don’t ruin this new experience for people who actually want to enjoy it. No, you don’t have to agree with everything and say Amen to everything and be happy with everything to be a fan. But, like I say all the damn time, if you CLEARLY are not happy with the band anymore, then why are you staying? Open a bag, put your drama inside it, wrap it up, stick a bow on top, and move on. The world will be forever grateful.

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live orgasm

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my favorite Tokio Hotel pictures - 55/483
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